Do I Need a Plumber to Fix a Toilet?

plumber providing toilet repair

What Should I Do When I Need Toilet Repair?

It is often referred to in slang as “the throne”, but if it were actually a “throne”, you wouldn’t need repairs or replacement right? Unfortunately, because the “throne” in most homes is the toilet repairs and replacements are a necessity when problems arise. It should be common sense, but some people may not be sure who to call for toilet repairs. We can assure you that it isn’t Ghost Busters!  So, does a plumber fix any problems with toilets? Yes, that should be your first phone call if you’re not confident enough to do your own toilet repair.  If you’re on a septic tank system, you need to call a plumber that handles septic tank repairs as well as toilet repairs. Not all plumbers are septic tank certified, but all plumbers can do toilet repairs. And we have a suggestion if you need toilet repair in Allen, TX – you can always reach out to us by calling 469-253-5530.

What are the most common problems needing toilet repair?

If you’re like most homeowners, you have several high-tech gadgets in your home. Fortunately, the toilet is still a straightforward fixture that has a few basic parts. So, when there is a problem, you can usually do your own toilet repair, but sometimes it is better to call a professional plumber! Some of the most basic and common problems that require toilet repairs are: 

  • Overflowing Toilet Bowl: This is usually because the toilet is clogged, which is usually a fairly quick and simple toilet repair. Insert a toilet plunger (there are different types of plunger) into the bowl full of water and press the plunger end against the opening of the bowl, forming a seal. Then, with a rhythmic push-and-pull motion, creating pressure in the toilet drain will usually clear the clog. Be careful not to be too enthusiastic or you’ll be cleaning up the floor! 
  • Wiggling Handle and No Flush: Remove the tank lid and check that the chain is connected to the handle and to the flapper. If your toilet doesn’t have a chain, it should have a metal or plastic rod attached to the rubber flapper with the chain connecting them. Simply reattach the chain to either end or if isn’t disconnected, then take up a few links, making the chain shorter. 
  • Running Water: Often a quick toilet repair for this is nothing more than jiggling the handle. If it is still running, then replace the rubber flapper. You can find that at any hardware or home improvement store. 
  • Pooled Water On The Floor: The wax ring seal that is installed under the toilet base probably needs to be replaced. You may not be able to do this toilet repair alone, so having a friend is recommended, or call a plumber for toilet repair. Turn off the water behind the toilet and empty the toilet bowl and tank of any water, then lift the toilet up and scrap up the old wax ring and clean up any residue left behind. Finally, position the new wax ring in place to complete this toilet repair. Make sure you fasten the bolts back in place – there should be four – so the toilet doesn’t rock. 

What is the average cost to repair a toilet?

If you hire a plumber for toilet repairs, you’ll probably be charged by the hour plus parts. Depending on what needs to be repaired or replaced will affect the final cost. Simply tightening the chain won’t have any parts to charge for, but if they have to empty the toilet and replace the wax ring, you’ll be charged more. 

How do I fix my toilet when it’s not flushing?

If the water isn’t draining down with the waste, you may have a clog. As we suggested earlier, try breaking the clog apart with a toilet plunger. If that doesn’t work, you can rent or purchase an auger, also known as a plumber’s snake and work that into the toilet drain. If these things don’t work, call a plumber for professional toilet repair.

Why does my toilet not flush but the water goes down?

In addition to checking for clogs and following the steps we provided earlier, you may find the problem is one of the following: 

  • The Overflow Tube: Located in the center of the toilet tank is an overflow pipe with a tube. This drains excess water into the toilet bowl to keep the tank from overfilling. Over time, the overflow tube ages (it is sitting in water 24/7/365), and will get brittle and develop cracks. This allows water to constantly drain into the toilet bowl. So, you flush and the water just keeps filling. Check the tube and replace it if necessary. 
  • The Fill Valve Assembly: A toilet that doesn’t flush completely can also be from a faulty fill valve. Inspect the fill valve float and make sure it is properly adjusted or isn’t stuck. 

Flushing It All Down: Is it better to fix a toilet or buy a new one?

For a toilet that is less than 10 years old, toilet repairs would be the better choice. However, a toilet that is 10 years or older, replacing it would be the better option. The toilets today are low flow, meaning they take less water – typically three gallons versus five gallons of water.

Meanwhile, if you need toilet replacement or toilet repair in Allen, TX, our team can be there to help. Give us a call at 469-253-5530 today to schedule your services.