Gas Line Repair and Installation in Allen, TX

close-up of a gas stove burner being lit

Identifying Gas Line Problems

Gas lines remain an effective option for receiving power in your home or building. However, various problems can arise with your gas lines, all of which have the potential to prevent the flow of gas to your appliances. This inconvenience is in addition to the potential dangers that could be posed by a leaking gas line, including everything from the risk of fire to potential gas poisoning. If you need gas line repair in Allen, TX or the surrounding area, or other services such as a new gas line installation, the professionals at Thorough Plumbing can provide the help you need. Call today at 469-253-5530 to learn more about how our team of professionals can assist you. 

Signs You May Need Gas Line Repair

One of the most obvious signs that you require gas line repair is obvious damage to the gas line itself. This often results in a gas leak, which can itself be indicated by a number of different signs. For example, a rotten egg odor is a common indicator of a gas leak somewhere on your property while other signs may include dead or dying plant life. A variety of physical symptoms may also indicate a potential gas leak, though gas leak detection is the best way to know for certain whether there is a problem that needs to be taken care of. 

Also important to note is that even if not damaged, a gas line may also experience problems due to blockages. These blockages in gas lines can be due to a number of different things, such as insects that have gotten into the gas line, tree roots that have grown into the gas line, or water flowing into the line. A gas line also has the potential to become badly dented or to become twisted, both factors that can also lead to the poor flow of gas through. 

One final factor to remember is the possible risk of copper being used for gas lines. Copper, being a highly conductive material, is not the best option for these lines. Because of this, it can sometimes be beneficial to seek a new gas line installation if you notice these lines on your property. 

Reach Out Today

Our team is ready to help whenever you need gas line repair in Allen, TX and the surrounding area. We can also lend a hand with a new gas line installation if needed, all in addition to other services such as gas line pressure testing. Call 469-253-5530 today to get things started.