Faucet Repair and Installation in Allen, TX

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Identifying Problems With Your Faucets

Most homeowners use their faucets upwards of 50 times per day on average. This constant use makes it important to keep your faucets functioning properly. However, it can also subject your faucets to a large amount of wear and tear over time. Because of this, it’s only natural that a faucet repair or a faucet replacement may be needed at some point to keep your water flowing correctly. If you believe you may require faucet repair in Allen, TX or the surrounding area, the team at Thorough Plumbing is available to provide the help you need. Our team can assist with a new faucet installation or faucet replacement as well when necessary. If you’re ready to speak to a member of our team about our services, we invite you to give us a call today at 469-253-5530

When to Schedule Faucet Repair Services

There are many different problems that can arise with the faucets in your home over time. Among the most obvious signs you may require a faucet repair or replacement is rust or buildup on your current faucet system. A relatively minor amount of rust or buildup isn’t generally a cause for concern. However, when allowed to spread, it can lead to numerous additional issues.

Another sign it may be time to reach out for faucet repair or faucet replacement is low water pressure.  Experiencing issues with your water pressure throughout your home or building is typically a sign of a problem with your pipes, but when the issue arises in a single faucet it may indicate a problem such as a blockage. Similarly, if there is no water coming from a single faucet although the rest of your home is receiving water, the problem could be with the valves inside that faucet. 

Other common issues that may arise requiring faucet repair include leaking faucets. Taking care of a leaking faucet is always important – even a single leaking faucet has the potential to lose over 3000 gallons of water annually. Likewise, unusual sounds such as gurgling may indicate a problem with your faucets requiring immediate attention. 

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If you have noticed problems with the faucets in your home, our team can be there to provide a full inspection and get to the source of the issue. From there, we will work with you to find the best solution possible for your plumbing needs, whether that is a faucet repair or a brand-new faucet installation. For help with your faucet installation or faucet repair in Allen, TX and the surrounding area, the plumbing professionals at Thorough Plumbing can be there for you. We can also be there to lend a hand with your emergency plumbing repair and leak detection needs. Call today at 469-253-5530.