There are several pumps and valves that are integral pieces of your plumbing system. These upgrades can help improve the functionality of your plumbing, making your family’s lives easier and more comfortable. Thorough Plumbing helps residents and business owners throughout Allen upgrade their plumbing with recirculation pumps and sump pumps.

What Does a Recirculation Pump Do?

A recirculation pump, sometimes called a recirc pump, ensures that hot water is always available. This is an especially effective solution when sinks and showers are far away from the water heater. Due to heat loss in the pipes, the further the hot water has to travel to the tap, the less effective your water heater will be on its own. A recirculation pump installed on a water heater can keep water hot for when you need it. Upgrading the pump with a temperature sensor and timer can give you even more control.

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Do I Need a Sump Pump?

Have you considered installing a sump pump in your home? You may think that you don’t need one in Allen, but Texas weather can be unpredictable. Heavy downpours in the summer can overwhelm drains, and both saturated soil and dry soil may repel water. This increases the risk of flooding throughout the state, and the best way to protect your property is by installing a sump pump.

Do Sump Pumps Reduce Insurance?

First and foremost, one of the key reasons to install a sump pump in your basement is to help protect your home against flooding. This can also reduce the likelihood of needing to file a claim with your insurance company! A typical policy doesn’t cover weather or flooding damage, but installing a sump pump can demonstrate to companies that you are taking steps to proactively mitigate potential flooding. 

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