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Have you noticed more frequent water leaks in your home? Are you dealing with more and more drain clogs? Your pipes may be the culprit. While repair is a great option for one-off issues, if you’ve had to call for repairs often, your plumber may suggest repiping as the ideal solution to your plumbing problems.

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Is It Worth Repiping a House?

If you live in an older home, you may be faced with the decision to replace the internal systems. One of the most important of these systems is your plumbing pipes. While repiping is an extensive solution compared to repairing a single pipe, it presents the opportunity to improve the quality of your water and prevent potential plumbing disasters like water leaks. Repiping can even increase your water pressure, because your old pipes may be clogged with sediment buildup.

It’s time to consider repiping if:

  • You have galvanized pipes or polybutylene pipes
  • Your home is more than 50 years old; galvanized pipes can last between 80-100 years, while polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes last a mere 25-40 years
  • You’ve had one too many leaking pipes
  • You have low water pressure


What is Pipe Tunneling?

Tunneling is a trenchless method of installing or repairing drainage and sewer pipes. This is especially effective for pipes that run under landscaped yards, roads, and concrete slabs.

Trenchless excavation has several benefits, including:

  • Saves time. Using the trenchless method takes less time than the traditional way because less digging is required, and the line can be installed more quickly.
  • Less intrusive. This is the best option for places where digging a trench isn’t ideal. Because trenchless excavation only requires two holes to be dug, the yard or slab is safe from damage.
  • Cost-effective. Because trenchless repair and installation takes less time and requires less destructive digging, the cost is lower.

    “Water heater install today was flawless. He even corrected sloppy work from other plumbers (replaced my drain pan and fixed the water line connections) to avoid flooding my attic. Details like that make all the difference and give confidence that the job is as done right. I appreciate Jeff and the fantastic job he did today. He earned my business for life.”

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