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Leaks begin as small problems, but over time, they grow into much larger issues. Leaks cause mold growth, cracks in the foundation, and erosion of the surrounding landscape. They can ultimately cause permanent damage to your home if you don’t have the right plumber on hand. At Thorough Plumbing, we provide our customers with detail-oriented and durable leak repair.  

Why Choose Thorough Plumbing for Leak Detection & Repair in Texas?

Leak detection is an area of plumbing where finding a good technician pays off. The team from Thorough Plumbing can find leaks quickly and effectively, which means limited interruption and damage to your home or business. Once we’ve found the leak, we offer long-lasting solutions that prevent further damage for years to come.  

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Slab Leak Repair in Allen, TX

The costliest leaks to deal with are beneath your slab, or foundation. Slab leaks are more difficult to find, more damaging to look for, and more catastrophic if you ignore them. Over time, even the thick concrete foundation of your home or building can erode and crack under the constant drip of water or sewage. At Thorough Plumbing, our Allen slab leak experts can find and fix the problem quickly with minimal damage to your foundation.  

How Do You Know If You Have A Slab Leak in Allen, TX?

A slab leak occurs when pipes installed under your foundation become corroded or damaged. It is possible to develop a leak in a sewer pipe or a fresh water pipe. If you suspect that you might have a slab leak, it's a good idea to contact a reputable slab leak company in Allen TX like Thorough Plumbing.

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The signs of a slab leak include:

  • The sound of water running underneath your floor (with no appliances running)
  • Carpets are damp without explanation
  • General mildew smell on the ground floor
  • Warped or buckling flooring
  • Warm spots while the water is running

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Our Slab Leak Testing Process in Allen, TX

In order to repair a slab leak, we first determine the extent of the problem and rule out other possible sources of leaks. Sometimes, we only perform a water test or a sewer test. Occasionally, both tests may be required. Checking your water meter for movement is part of a water test. We will identify the source of the water leak and recommend a sensible fix if there is a fresh water leak.

In Allen, TX, our licensed, experienced plumbers perform sewer tests by filling the system with water. The system is then plugged with a test ball. When the water level drops, a sewer pipe leak has occurred.

    “Water heater install today was flawless. He even corrected sloppy work from other plumbers (replaced my drain pan and fixed the water line connections) to avoid flooding my attic. Details like that make all the difference and give confidence that the job is as done right. I appreciate Jeff and the fantastic job he did today. He earned my business for life.”

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