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Leaks begin as small problems, but over time, they grow into much larger issues. Leaks cause mold growth, cracks in the foundation, and erosion of the surrounding landscape. They can ultimately cause permanent damage to your home if you don’t have the right plumber on hand. At Thorough Plumbing, we provide our customers with detail-oriented and durable leak repair in Allen, TX.  

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How to Detect a Water Leak

While the damage a leak can cause is undeniable, you may be uncertain of how to know if your plumbing has developed a leak. Keep an eye out for any of the following indications that your home is in need of professional Allen leak detection services.

Signs of a Water Leak

  • Your water pressure has decreased
  • You notice mold growth within your home
  • Your ceiling has water spots and stains
  • Your paint or wall paper has started to peel
  • Your pipes begin making unusual sounds, such as rattling
  • Your lawn has overly green or lush patches

What Is a Common Cause of a Plumbing Leak?

One of the most common causes of a plumbing leak is pipe damage. If your pipes have worn down, developed a crack, or started to corrode, the chances of a leak developing are high. Whether your pipes were damaged by too high of water pressure, outdated materials, tree roots infiltrating the lines, or significant changes in the temperature, it’s imperative you consult with a trained plumber to handle the leak. However, pipe problems are not the only cause of water leaks in the home.

Causes of Plumbing Leaks:

  • Dripping faucets
  • Blocked drains
  • Running toilets
  • Broken or faulty water connector seals

Why Choose Thorough Plumbing for Leak Detection & Repair in Texas?

Leak detection is an area of plumbing where finding a good technician pays off. The Allen leak repair team from Thorough Plumbing can find leaks quickly and effectively, which means limited interruption and damage to your home or business. Once we’ve found the leak, we offer long-lasting solutions that prevent further damage for years to come.  

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    “Water heater install today was flawless. He even corrected sloppy work from other plumbers (replaced my drain pan and fixed the water line connections) to avoid flooding my attic. Details like that make all the difference and give confidence that the job is as done right. I appreciate Jeff and the fantastic job he did today. He earned my business for life.”

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