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Though water lines are more plentiful, gas line plumbing is no less crucial to the running of a home or business. Gas plumbers make sure your lines are running efficiently from your heating system, your kitchen, and any other gas appliances. Additionally, the potential harm from a gas leak is why customers need licensed and experienced gas line plumbers from Thorough Plumbing.  

Gas line plumbers handle plumbing connecting to:

As you can imagine, the proper installation and maintenance of a gas piping system affects almost every part of the home or commercial space. At Thorough Plumbing, our highly experienced technicians make sure every pipe and fitting is perfectly suited to its task, guaranteeing its function for a long time to come.  

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Why Thorough Plumbing?

It’s in the name: our Allen gas plumbers are thorough and detail-oriented on every job, no matter the size. It’s not uncommon for customers to call us after another technician has left a mess or did shoddy work. That’s because our technicians are committed to workmanship we take pride in, whether that’s installing new gas lines for a remodel or replacing a bad valve.  

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In addition to our workmanship, we also take pride in our customer experience. Our technicians are trained to walk every customer through the problem they’re facing, the potential solutions, and the pros and cons of each. That way, every customer can make informed, confident decisions about their gas plumbing. It’s vital for us to communicate clearly on every job to give customers total clarity and peace of mind—something they may not associate with most plumbing experiences.  

    “Though I did not receive service from this company. When I requested a quote, the owner was quick to respond to let me know the status of his time frame for performing service. He took the time to have a discussion with me and was very knowledgeable and more than willing to teach me a thing or two. Diligently easing my concerns over my plumbing issue and even willing to make a recommendation for a company that could help me. When he does open for business, he has won my loyalty. "Thorough" is definitely justified.”

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