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Drains are the backbone of your plumbing system. Good drainage is what allows water to flow through your home efficiently, ensuring the proper function of your washers, dryers, dishwashers, sinks, showers, and more. Over time, however, drains get clogged with grease, soap residue, and other non-soluble waste. The Allen drain repair and installation experts at Thorough Plumbing offer our customers the rarest kind of plumbing service: open, honest communication with affordable, high-quality workmanship.  

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Why Is My Sink Clogged?

Typically sinks become clogged because items have gone down the drain that aren’t supposed to. For example, in a bathroom sink, soap residue, hair, dirt, and other grime might get washed down the drain. However, these all contribute to a buildup of debris within the pipes which can lead to a clog. For a kitchen sink, often food products are the culprit. Tossing coffee grounds, eggshells, cooking oils, starchy foods, such as pasta, and even fibrous vegetables, like celery, aren’t able to be properly broken down often causing a clog.

Signs of Clogged Drains:

  • Your drains take a longer amount of time to completely drain
  • Water is backing up in your toilets, showers, sinks, or tubs
  • You notice unusual gurgling sounds from your drains and pipes
  • Your toilet has issues flushing
  • Your bathroom has developed an unpleasant odor around your drains
  • You notice a presence of drain flies in your home

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Drain Services Backed by a Two-Year Warranty  

Our Allen drain cleaning technicians take a great deal of pride in their work. It’s not unheard of for our plumbers to get calls to clean another plumber’s rushed or sloppy fix. That’s because we take the time to make sure we’re doing things the right way, which is how we’ve developed such a strong reputation in our community. Thorough Plumbing also stands by our work with a two-year warranty on our parts and labor.

If you’re having issues with your drains, give us a call. We offer free estimates to help you understand what your drains need. Our plumbers don’t rely on gimmicks or quick fixes, so you can be certain that your drains will be working for a long time to come once we’re done.

Our Drain Repair Process in Allen 

Thorough Plumbing is an old-school neighborhood plumber with modern tools and training. After an inspection, we walk our customers through their drain issues, their options for repair, and the pros and cons of each option. Making sure our customers are informed gives them the confidence to choose the drain fix that’s right for them, putting them in control of their plumbing service. Then, we service the drains without cutting corners or taking shortcuts. That’s why we’re one of the most reputable plumbers in Plano, McKinney, The Colony, and beyond.

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